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Janine is a Senior Patent Attorney. Her day to day work involves drafting and prosecution work related to many areas of physics, electronics, and computing-focussed technologies.

Janine has extensive experience of helping clients (from local clients to multinational companies) to protect inventions relating to physics-based fields including: telecommunications (including mobile devices and 4G, LTE and 5G standards, user interfaces, network communications and messaging schemes), navigation systems, computer systems and software (including computer systems used for sensing and control of physical systems such as vehicles and medical devices), nanotechnology including graphene technologies, electronic systems and circuits, automotive technologies, medical devices, and semiconductors.

Her past research work includes soft and hard X-ray spectroscopy at synchrotron facilities, scanning tunnelling microscopy, atomic force microscopy, electrospray systems, and computer modelling of molecular systems. Janine has published several scientific journal articles on her research including from her postdoctoral position at the ESRF in Grenoble, France.


  • AI
  • Automotive electronics
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer software
  • Cyber security
  • E commerce
  • Medical electronics
  • Printing
  • Scientific instruments
  • Semiconductor technologies
  • Telecommunications standards


  • Automotive icon Automotive
  • CleanTech icon CleanTech
  • Computing icon Computing
  • Telecommunications icon Telecommunications


  • Due diligence
  • Patents
  • Strategy


Patent Attorney

Chartered (UK)


MSci in Physics


Physics (Nanoscience)


The CIPA Chris Gibson prize for Law

Janine was awarded the Chris Gibson prize for obtaining the highest mark in the Patents Foundation Law Paper (Basic English Law) in her year.


Women revolutionising healthcare

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HGF Healthcare Scanner - March 2021

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Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity - February 2021

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BioCity hosts Ada Lovelace Day - October 2020

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Janine enjoys passing on her professional knowledge and experience to others and being involved in several teaching/mentoring roles. In-house, she tutors trainees for the EQE drafting Paper A, and for the CIPA FD1 Law paper.

Janine is proud to be a part of the Diversity and Inclusion focus group within HGF, working to promote equality in a welcome and supportive working environment for all within the company and the wider IP profession.

Janine is also on the Committee for IP Inclusive’s Non-traditional Family Network, a community of solo parents, other non-traditional family members and allies in the UK IP professions, aiming to providing support to those in non-traditional families.

For more information, see: https://ipinclusive.org.uk/community/ip-non-traditional-family-network/

Outside of HGF and in collaboration with BioCity, where HGF Nottingham are based, Janine is involved as a “scientist in residence” through the Lab_13 initiative run by Ignite! Futures, who work with local schools to raise excitement and awareness of STEM subjects and career opportunities. She is also involved with the annual Ada Lovelace Day organised by BioCity and Ignite! Futures to work with year 7 and 8 girls from local schools to inspire the next generation of female scientists. She is also a STEM ambassador, working with schools and teachers to promote STEM subjects for all.

For more information, see:





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