As the FemTech industry experiences significant growth in addressing the needs of women’s health, innovations are rapidly emerging to tackle the gender health gap through advanced technologies and interdisciplinary approaches.

This women-centric focus highlights previously unmet needs and supports the drive for tailored healthcare solutions. However, addressing specific conditions such as menstrual health, reproductive technology, and female oncology presents its challenges, making it imperative to develop culturally sensitive, reliable methods for diverse subpopulations of women, ensuring accessibility and efficacy of emerging technologies.

HGF’s accomplished FemTech team are experts in patent drafting, prosecution, appeals, FTO and infringement opinions, and litigation for large corporate firms, SMEs, universities, and overseas associates. Often working with experts in developmental biology, microbiome technologies, and big data technology companies, our attorneys, with backgrounds in Life Sciences, Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, and Trade Marks, blend specialist knowledge with critical insights into rapidly evolving FemTech solutions.

We are dedicated to empowering women through innovation, ensuring that intellectual property protection generates new revenue streams, creating substantial business value, and attracting investors.

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New Blog Series - Agritech Thymes: A brief look at public prior use of plants in the US

In the US, plants can be protected by utility patents, plant patents and/or plant variety rights. Both types of patent are subject to the same novelty rules of USC §102, …

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Event - 18th May - 22nd April 2024

INTA 2024 Annual Meeting Live

The HGF European team will be attending the INTA Annual Meeting Live, which will take place on 18th-22nd May 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference will connect some of the …

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What's Next for CAR Cell Therapy?

The first generation CAR T cell was discovered in 1993 when the variable region of an antibody was fused to the constant regions of a T cell receptor.  Now, 20 …

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Event - 30th January 2024

CAR-TCR Summit, Europe 2024

HGF are proud Event Partners of CAR-TCR Europe, which is due to go ahead from 27th – 29th February at ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock in London. This is the European hub …

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Eye-Catching Innovations in Jet Engine Technology, Part 2: Noise Reduction

Continuing my series of short blog posts on developments in jet engine technology revealed by 2023 patent application publications, I turn to Rolls-Royce (R-R). It’s interesting to note that there …

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The Outlook for Innovation in Construction Following COP28

As we enter the “beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era[1]”, we consider how intellectual property (IP) rights may play a role in fulfilling the pledges and initiatives …

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First CRISPR therapy approved for use in the UK

In an unprecedented move, the MHRA has approved a CRISPR gene editing therapy ‘Casgevy’  for the treatment of sickle cell disease and beta-thalassaemia in patients with recurrent vaso-occlusive crises. The Casgevy …

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Blog Series: IP Ingredients, Part 3: An Appetite for Designs

Registered Designs are a flexible IP right applicable across almost all industries, from fashion, technology, and household items to industrial machinery. This versatility makes them a valuable asset for businesses …

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