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Exceptional service and pragmatic commercial advice

The breadth and depth of knowledge and experience across HGF, combined with state of the art technology to support our service to clients, enables us to create value from innovation and deliver advice that is commercially astute and trusted by clients across the globe.

Some of the HGF team members

Our mission

We provide our clients with the highest quality service, technical excellence and commercial pragmatic advice that satisfies their needs. We want our clients to engage us because they recognise the value of our contribution.

We are passionate about innovation and creativity and the role we play in the growth of our clients’ businesses.

HGF is a great place to work , where we develop the most talented and expert staff and foster teamwork. We work together as one unified team across Europe. Well organised , effective and efficient, constantly evolving the way we serve our clients.

We provide leadership in relation to intellectual property matters in Europe and internationally.

We continue to be a profitable and sustainable business of which we are all proud.

Galvanised by shared principles

Our firm’s values have been developed to provide a clear insight into HGF’s culture and set expectations for the firm’s staff and partners, creating a sense of identity, community and belonging for all.

Our values underpin HGF’s success and growth, creating a positive environment for every single person at the firm to thrive and develop. And whilst we continue to strive for sustainable profits, we are as committed to working within our guiding principles to operate as a modern, dynamic, transparent firm with an approachable management team and a valued workforce.


People matter. We treat people fairly, with respect and compassion. We foster a friendly, inclusive and enjoyable culture for everyone to prosper in. We invest in our people and offer appropriate coaching and training to assist with development and learning. We promote a healthy work-life balance. Progression is based on merit.


We strive to be the best. We pursue excellence in all our individual roles resulting in outstanding legal and technical advice for our clients. Our people are pragmatic, responsive and commercially minded. We do not presume but listen to understand so we can engage proactively and appropriately.


We stand together. We work with our clients to protect their interests, and with each other as a mutually supporting firm. We value, appreciate and listen to others, regardless of role, recognising each individual’s particular blend of talent, skill and experience. We are individually and jointly accountable and take responsibility for our actions and decisions.


We innovate. We continually improve our services and processes through understanding, creativity, and investment. We evolve by taking opportunities and adopting new business procedures, unencumbered by historical structures or out-of-date attitudes. As a firm, we have an entrepreneurial spirit, and encourage new thinking in our people.

History & growth

Building a robust global network

Dynamic leadership, agility and understanding market conditions have played a significant role in HGF’s story. We now have operations across 23 offices in seven countries throughout Europe and a track record of developing long-term client relationships that have existed since 1995 - a testament to our exceptional client service.

Take a look at our timeline to discover more on our remarkable journey.


HGF merges with Patronus IP, Germany

HGF and Patronus IP merge their businesses into a new partnership within the HGF Group called 'HGF Europe LLP‘ operating in both Germany and Austria.


HGF Westport office opens

On 8th May 2018, HGF opened its first office in Ireland, in the town of Westport, Ireland. It is HGF's 16th office opening.


HGF Nottingham office opens

On 2nd January 2018, HGF continues its expansion opening its 15th office, located in Nottingham, UK.


HGF Amsterdam office opens

HGF continues its European expansion opening its 14th office. The Amsterdam office launched in January 2017 as the 3rd office in Europe alongside The Hague and Basel, Switzerland.


HGF Newcastle office opens

Following on from the success of our York office, HGF opened a Newcastle satellite office on 2nd May 2016 to provide a base for servicing the many companies and universities we act for in the North East of the UK.


HGF Law Birmingham office opens

HGF Law joined our existing teams in Birmingham to ensure we could provide a fully integrated law and IP service in the West Midlands, UK.


HGF Basel office opens

In February 2016 HGF opened its first office in Basel, Switzerland.


HGF The Hague office opens

In September 2015, HGF opened its first office in The Netherlands.


HGF LLP becomes a Limited company

With effect from 1st May 2014, HGF LLP becomes a Limited company.


HGF Law Manchester office opens

HGF Law joined our existing teams in Manchester to ensure we could provide a fully integrated law and IP service in the North West of the UK.


HGF acquires Grant Spencer, London

Trade mark specialist firm Grant Spencer was acquired by HGF as part of a move to expand our expertise and provide a more efficient trade mark service to clients across the UK.


HGF Birmingham office opens

Our relatively new Birmingham office was set up to provide services to clients based in the Midlands, UK.


HGF London office is expanded

HGF London moved to larger offices to make room for more staff as our business in the UK's capital increased.


HGF Oxford office opens

Situated in the Oxford Science Park, in the UK, our HGF Oxford office is perfectly placed to work with the city's universities and businesses, particularly in the chemistry and life science industries.


HGF Edinburgh office opens

Following on from the success of our Glasgow and, more recently, our Aberdeen offices in Scotland, HGF opened an Edinburgh office in Scotland in early 2012 to provide a base for servicing the many companies and universities we act for in the area.


HGF Aberdeen office opens

HGF Aberdeen, Scotland opens in response to demand from North Sea Oil and Gas clients.


HGF York office is expanded

HGF's York office serves the North Yorkshire area of the UK and focuses on a wide range of practices from electronics to life sciences. As the city becomes more innovative, our office expands to accommodate for our growing client base.


HGF Glasgow office is expanded

Glasgow represents innovative SMEs and universities, both groups of which have been expanding rapidly. This allows our own offices to grow and develop alongside them.


HGF Sheffield office is expanded

Our Sheffield office in the UK has experienced continued growth over the past decade and this latest expansion is a result of the hard work and dedication of our specialist teams.


HGF Manchester office is expanded

Our Manchester office in the UK has expanded in response to a growing media tech community in the city and surrounding area. Today the office boasts the largest biotech team in the region.


HGF Glasgow office opens

HGF's first Scottish office opens in Glasgow expanding HGF’s offering beyond the jurisdiction of England & Wales. HGF becomes the third firm in the UK offering such cross-border jurisdictional advice.


Sanderson Lumber London office opens

Sanderson Lumber (now HGF Law) was brought to London to support our growing South East UK client base.


HGF’s sister law firm, Sanderson Lumber, is launched (now HGF Law)

HGF creates a one-stop-shop IP law group with the launch of its specialist law firm Sanderson Lumber (now HGF Law).


HGF acquires Brewer & Sons, London

Brewer & Sons provided a launch pad for HGF’s London business. Brewer & Sons came with a wonderful history including patenting the Wright Brothers aeroplane, the Whittle jet engine, Barnes-Wallis’s Bouncing Bomb and Concorde.


HGF York office opens

This completes HGF’s offering in the Yorkshire and North-East regions of the UK.


HGF Sheffield office opens

HGF acquires the patent practice of DLA Piper, strengthening its Leeds and Manchester offices by acquiring a new office in Sheffield, UK.


HGF is founded with offices in Leeds and Manchester

HGF launches in Leeds and later that year opens a second office in Manchester as the firm’s client base begins to grow.

Brochures & reports

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