The new buzz word in town is IP strategy - so what is it and why should you be talking to HGF?

“Over the last 10 years, it has become imperative for CEOs to have not just a general understanding of the intellectual property issues facing their business and their industry, but to have quite a refined expertise relating to those issues…It is no longer simply the legal department’s problem. CEO’s must now be able to formulate strategies that capitalize on and maximize the value of their company’s intellectual property assets to drive growth, innovation and cooperative relationships with other companies”  Bill Gates

IP now plays an important role in the global economy and all companies, no matter their size, should have a strategic plan to protect their IP. All patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP lawyers are able to provide a level of strategic advice to a company; in fact it's something that forms the basis of any relationship with a client. However, when the IP gets onto the boardroom agenda you will often require an IP professional or team of professionals with not just the technical and professional knowledge, but also the business acumen to be able to provide the best advice.

Given the nature of IP, companies can end up with large portfolios of patents and trade marks which are not core to the business. These can be costly to maintain but do not actually offer protection or competitive advantage to a business. One of the key roles of an IP strategist is to work with a company to consolidate all of the IP into a relevant portfolio, allowing you to ensure that your IP budget is in line with your strategy.

Our team

The team is made up of experienced professionals and is headed by Matt Dixon, one of IAM’s global 300 strategists. HGF is the only firm in the UK to have patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors all working as one team on a large IP strategy portfolio. Their aim is to work with CEOs, FDs and IP Directors to get IP onto the boardroom agenda and devise a strategy which can deliver a portfolio to create a competitive advantage and promote the continued management of innovation throughout a product's life cycle - a move which in turn allows us to add brand value and increase the value of the product through sales and licensing revenue.

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The IP strategy team includes:

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