HGF is one of the UK's leading intellectual property rights specialists, and we're always looking for talented new people to join us as we work to help our clients achieve the greatness they deserve with their ideas. If you're looking for a challenging position that will allow you to put your legal and technical expertise to great and truly important use, a career with HGF is the right place for you.

We have a reputation for looking after our staff, offering a great workspace and a wealth of benefits to ensure that everybody can develop and improve their industry skills as the firm grows. We're the only intellectual property firm in the UK to have a HR partner, highlighting how important each and every department is to us - and underlining the certainty of receiving all of the support you need while working with us.

At HGF we manage the company with an unconventional hierarchy to give every individual, regardless of position, room to progress. Our team makes us what we are, and for this reason we do everything we can to help them connect with and work alongside our leading attorneys and lawyers, both in day-to-day work and at the training events and seminars we hold throughout the year for our professionals.

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