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HGF is one of Europe’s leading Intellectual Property firms, bringing together over 190 patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, design attorneys, IP solicitors and attorneys-at-law across 25 offices in seven European countries to provide a dynamic and complete IP solution.

HGF is unique in its approach. Our scale and geographical reach allows us to provide the right IP solution for you. Our multidisciplinary specialist teams of attorneys collaborate across Europe, working together to deliver each client’s wishes.

Our reputation for exceptional client service and finding winning solutions means that we have built long-lasting relationships with some of the most exciting innovators in the world who also ask us to advise on their most important disputes and commercial IP needs.

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Our dedicated, specialist attorneys are skilled in maximising value at the vital early stages of a technical innovation, laying the foundations for powerful, long-term protection.

Our multidisciplinary attorneys work in close collaboration with clients to fully understand the commercial realities and goals of their businesses.

Combining high-calibre expertise, our accomplished team of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and transactional lawyers provide a trusted, commercially-sound due diligence process.

By keeping a close eye on the horizon, we ensure IP strategies and portfolios align to our clients' evolving business needs at all times.

We ensure retailers and brands remain on the right side of the law with their advertising campaigns and messages.

Our legal support team can seamlessly step-in to provide clients with a full range of in-house legal support, quickly and efficiently.

Our legal team has the experience and expertise to help any business stay on top of GDPR and data protection compliance.

Harnessing the vast technical skills of our attorneys, we can identify documents relevant to the patentability of a new invention and ensure the path is clear for new brand launches.


Our expertise in optimising IP to maximise our clients' business objectives. Our breadth and depth of experience and knowledge allows us to take-on complex challenges and provide protection.

As the demand for patent protection continues to grow throughout the world, driving innovation and new technologies across all fields, IP maximises product marketability and revenue.

An organisation's brand is one of its most valuable properties, requiring a protective 'exclusion zone' that only a trade mark can provide.

Protecting the aesthetics of a product design is just as important as a trade mark or a patent, and will safeguard a company from copycat items.

We have a strong track record in successfully extending the term of patent protection for new products in the medicinal and agrochemical sectors.

Our Munich-based attorneys have unsurpassed insight and expertise when it comes to advising on, and delivering, German utility models.

For those operating in the creative industry, copyright is a fundamental part of protecting work. However, copyright is also an important form of protection in many other business sectors, such as retail, technology, automotive and finance.

An organisation's brand is one of its most valuable properties, requiring a protective 'exclusion zone' that only a trade mark can provide.

Protecting trade secrets is crucial to innovators and businesses, especially when patent protection is not the best option or unavailable. The implementation of the Trade Secrets Directive[i] has also increased focus on the importance of good trade secret management.

Enforce & exploit

Our in-house litigation, oppositions and appeals teams are highly skilled with a proven track record in securing successful outcomes in some of the most contentious, high-profile cases in Europe.

Our clients choose us to represent them with their highest value oppositions because of our demonstrable successes in securing commercially relevant outcomes, whether opposing or defending.

We have a highly experienced team of solicitors and attorneys-at-law who specialise in IP litigation and dispute management.

Our expertise in transactions involving IP and data span all stages of the IP lifecycle, including concept discovery, development, assignments, licensing, collaborations and deal-related due diligence.


By tapping into rich in-house experience, our attorneys truly understand the different business landscapes in which we specialise.

Aerospace and defence is experiencing a transformation, with innovation driven by historical challenges and opportunities, leading to an increased focus on IP and volume of granted patent applications.

Our extensive experience in agrochemicals allows us to secure strong, commercially-focussed patent protection in this dynamic industry.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a revolution, with new technologies and increased connectivity bringing new complexities.

Because of the large and varied issues which fall under the CleanTech banner it is essential to ensure that your representation is as refined as the issues you are addressing to drive the best outcomes for you.

Developments in technology are driving the highly competitive computing market, with intellectual property allowing businesses to leverage their market position.

We work with a considerable number of creative, media and entertainment companies to guide and advise on protecting the intellectual property which they create.

From the sunny climes of Brazil to the tar sands of Canada, countries have different natural resources to generate energy, with varying government priorities and approaches to IP.

Our accomplished FemTech team are experts in patent drafting, prosecution, appeals, FTO and infringement opinions, and litigation for large corporate firms, SMEs, universities, and overseas associates

IP rights underpin a lot of value in the finance industry. They are all too often the unappreciated core of commercial or investment banking services, foreign exchange, investment services, research, fund and asset management, insurance, financial exports, stock exchanges and clearing houses, accountancy and audit, and every business allied to the sector.

Food and Drink is a diverse and innovative sector where businesses from global conglomerates to bio-tech based start-ups strive to meet the demands of a truly challenging market.

The healthcare sector has a long history of life-changing innovation, with new and evolving technology at its core.

The medtech sector is at the forefront of innovation and growth, reflected in the large and increasing number of patent applications.

As companies adapt to increasing regulatory and sustainability challenges, packaging goes well beyond serving just a practical purpose.

Combining technical expertise and industry experience, our pharmaceuticals team provides comprehensive support and advice for every stage of a product’s development and lifespan.

The development of renewable sources of energy, such as wind, hydropower, solar, geothermal, biomass and tidal, is essential to tackling the climate crisis.

From bricks and mortar to online retail, there are challenging times ahead, with technology and ethics driving developments across the sector.

Remaining at the forefront of innovation is a key challenge for businesses in this fast-paced and competitive industry.

Sector groups

Our attorneys combine impressive academic and industry experience with strong commercial acumen to deliver world-class, specialist IP support.

The chemical and pharmaceutical fields are constantly evolving as new chemicals, drugs, compositions, materials and processes are needed to meet the ever increasing demands of tomorrow’s world.

The electronics sector is faced with diverse commercial challenges, from rapid technology emergence and short product life cycles, to long established, yet evolving core enabling technologies.

Engineering businesses require strong technical insight and a global overview to secure a portfolio of intellectual property rights that are fit for purpose today, and also in tomorrow’s world.


Our law team provides services which complement those provided by HGF’s patent and trade mark attorneys, covering IP litigation, transactional IP, commercial law, data protection and privacy, due diligence and IP advisory work.

Technology specific legal issues abound in this sector, with route to market often involving rigorous regulation; factors to be understood when developing appropriate long-term patent strategies that maximise exclusivity and drive business success.

As businesses increasingly put 'brand' at the heart of their growth strategies, trade marks play a vital role in protecting equity and driving economic growth.

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