Trade secrets

Protecting Trade Secrets is crucial to innovators and businesses, especially when patent protection is not the best option or is unavailable. The implementation of the Trade Secrets Directive has also increased focus on the importance of good Trade Secret management.

Trade secrets can represent a highly valuable asset for any business and can safeguard know-how, proprietary algorithms, databases, and many other examples of business or technical confidential information. This IP is often what gives our clients a decisive edge in the market but can still easily be overlooked and under-protected.

HGF Trade Secrets Team combines the expertise of highly skilled specialists, including IP solicitors and patent attorneys who work seamlessly together to provide client support including:

  • Trade Secret Audits/Due Diligence;
  • Trade Secret Register Support and other processes for the identification, classification, and recordal of Trade Secrets;
  • Processes to segregate Trade Secrets between teams or from those that are externally held;
  • Standards of best practice to maximise the protection and management of Trade Secrets without stifling collaboration and innovation;
  • Bespoke client training, policy drafting, and contract support; and
  • Litigation support where Trade Secret misappropriation has occurred; and
  • HR aligned support to help regulate entry and exit of Trade Secrets within a business.

Our trade secrets specialists

We’ve built our business by recruiting and developing specialists, not generalists. When it comes to protecting your ideas and business, you want to know you’re working with the best people who truly understand your sector and the potential of your IP.

HGF’s team has trade secrets professionals from an array of academic backgrounds. Our team-based approach ensures our clients benefit from the very best strategic advice from people who understand not only the legal environment but also the practical and theoretical side of their business.

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If you would like to discuss how HGF could help you, contact one of our trade secrets specialists.

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