UPC Opt-Out Client Portal

HGF’s bespoke UPC Opt-out portal has been designed and developed by HGF to assist clients when providing us with their instructions on the opt-out of their European patents and applications. The portal sits within HGF’s online client information portal, OCIS. Each client has a unique and secure login which provides access to their company patent schedule for all patent cases that are eligible for the UPC opt-out. The portal enables clients to review and submit information to HGF in order for us to file an opt-out application on our client’s behalf, creating a streamlined process. The portal also provides real-time access on the decisions you have made on your opt-out history and is accessible 24/7.

Once access is granted there is a video available to show you how to navigate and use the portal. If you would like more information please contact Tara Cooney in our UPC ready team.

Latest updates

72 Days to go! See the latest updates and advice on the UPC here.

The European patent system is on the brink of the biggest change in a generation – on 1 June 2023 the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and a new “unitary patent” …

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The countdown to UPC has begun

The UPC has announced that the German government has deposited its ratification of the UPC Agreement today (17th Feb 2023). This means that the Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent …

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A new Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court - Are you UPC Ready? A Guide for Licensees

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) and a new “unitary patent” or “European patent with unitary effect” (UP) are likely to become a reality by the end of Q2 2023 and …

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Why the EPO’s top-up search for earlier national rights matters for the UP and UPC

Before unitary effect can be registered by the EPO, an applicant must first obtain a European patent via the EPO as it does in the current way. In order to …

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The Unitary Patent Transitional Measures

When the Unified Patent Court (UPC) eventually commences (currently delayed until 1 June 2023) it will be possible to obtain patent protection across UPC member states by requesting unitary protection …

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Start of the UPC Sunrise Period delayed to 1 March 2023

The UPC sunrise period which was expected to start on 1 January 2023 has now been postponed to 1 March 2023. Consequently, the entry into force of the UPCA and …

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Gender diversity at the UPC

In Europe, women remain grossly under-represented in research and innovation. A recent study by the European Patent Office (EPO) found that only 13.2% of inventors in Europe are women. The …

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Comparing the value of European vs Unitary Patent Validation

The EPO’s European patent system is on the brink of the biggest change in a generation – from 2023 it is expected that a new unitary patent (UP) will become …

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