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IAM Patent 1000 2021

July 2021

The IAM Patent 1000 – the world’s leading patent professionals 2021 guide has now been published. HGF has 18 European attorneys listed.

IAM Patent 1000 is a unique guide that identifies the top patent professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe. It shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in this pivotal area of practice.

HGF is delighted to have 18 European attorneys listed within the latest IAM Patent 1000 guide from our offices in the UK, Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany and Ireland.

HGF attorneys listed in the IAM Patent 1000 guide are:

England – Silver

The guide states “New office openings and acquisitions taking place across Europe at dizzying pace reflect HGF’s lofty ambitions – as do the statistics: it was the 15th largest filer at WIPO in 2019. From 21 bases across Europe, it tends to all non-contentious needs of its diverse clientele, with emerging areas such as AI and CRISPR technology an increasing focus. EPO oppositions are the metier of chemist and oppositions and appeals head Chris Moore; he recently acted for Philip Morris International in a series of e-cigarette related oppositions alongside fellow chemist Hsu Min Chung. Chung’s scientific acumen is easily applied in a vast range of fields and is matched with valuable insight from time spent in-house at a world-leading oil and gas company. Another persuasive EPO advocate is engineer Jennifer Uno, who can get her head around almost any mechanical or medical device; a stint at a patent attorney firm in Osaka gives her an edge when collaborating with Japanese clients. Fellow engineer Lucy Johnson is “pragmatic, capable, knowledgeable and fosters enjoyable working relationships”. “Thanks to her advice and expertise, clients’ IP strategies are a living thing – constantly under review and revision as businesses evolve. She works to understand not only the technology, but also the commercial goals at the centre of it all.” The twin pillars on the life sciences side are Andrew Wells and Claire Irvine. Chemistry head Wells holds a PhD in vaccinology and also worked in-house at a multinational pharmaceutical giant; while “fearless warrior” Irvine lately played a vital role in securing patents for the use of Synairgen’s Interferon-beta drug to combat the respiratory symptoms of covid-19. “Claire pays meticulous attention to detail and has superb technical and scientific knowledge. Clients can concentrate on their own growth, knowing their IP is in safe hands.” When it comes to transactions, 30-year-experienced solicitor Janet Knowles “combines strong technical ability with a friendly manner” and recently sewed up a patent-related deal between Extruded Pharmaceuticals and a leading university. Bridging the gap between the prosecution and transactional divisions is astrophysicist Matthew Cassie, who crafts technically complex filing strategies and advises on IP-related M&A. The whole operation is overseen by senior partner and former radiofrequency engineer Harry Hutchinson, whose broad remit encompasses everything from telecommunications to 3D printing. His commercial outlook and strategic mind separate him from the competition.”

Scotland – Gold

The guide states “HGF’s vast web of UK and European offices includes three Scottish bases, in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It has turned patent prosecution into an art form, dispensing strategic advice, assisting with oppositions and filing meticulous patent applications with minimum fuss. Life sciences and electronics are strongholds, while its Aberdeen base has also attracted the attentions of numerous energy companies, including major oil and gas players and renewables outfit Sunamp Ltd, which recently engaged it to manage its portfolio of 200-plus patents. Leading on this matter is managing partner Gary Wilson, who has held the reins since the firm set up shop in Scotland in 2007. “Knowledgeable and responsive, Gary is a strong advocate in oppositions and a guiding light through the European opposition process.” Working alongside him on the Sunamp brief are Jamie Thomson and Jeremy Bretherton. Thomson matches a sparkling track record in oppositions with a discerning approach to the management of global IP portfolios. Bretherton has deep technical expertise – including a PhD from the University of British Columbia in the field of solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy – and garners rave reviews: “At each stage of progressing an application, he can explain the options in a comprehensible manner, providing both options for how to proceed and clear advice on those options. When drafting patent specifications, Jerry absorbs and understand the technical material very quickly; and his first draft of the specification invariably does an excellent job of establishing the protection being sought.” Leading on the electronics side is Susan Elizabeth Keston, a PhD in computational particle physics who has complex technologies on lock; she has carved a niche advising on computer-implemented inventions at the borderline of patentability. Her fellow electronics maven is Andrew McGettrick, whose PhD is in tunable diode laser spectroscopy; multinationals from as far afield as the United States and Japan, as well as university spin-outs, rely on his high-level filing skills and sage advice. A recent highlight is his management of the global patent portfolio strategy of Raptor Oil in relation to its downhole communications technologies.”

Ireland – Silver

The guide states “With 21 bases in six countries across the continent, HGF has outstanding European reach, giving its Irish practitioners – based in Dublin and Westport – an incredibly deep pool of resources to draw upon in supporting their clients. With Craig Thomson at the helm, it makes light work of complex prosecution, advisory and transactional briefs in the life sciences. Garnering rave reviews, Thomson “brings a rare level of commercial and strategic insight to managing intellectual assets. He’s available 24/7 and is a hands-on partner who forms an essential part of client teams. He understands broader business strategy and the role of intellectual property within it, and ensures that portfolios only comprise patents that have value.” Recent highlights include helping to develop two principal patent portfolios for Novabiotics; supporting Queen’s University Belfast on patenting in the medicine, health and life sciences spaces; and conducting a full IP strategy review for CapriMedical.”

Netherlands – Bronze

The guide states “European outfit HGF debuts in the Dutch rankings of the IAM Patent 1000 this year courtesy of its technically diverse bench, extensive geographical reach – it has 21 bases across the continent and a finely cultivated network of associates – and precision prosecution. In one recent highlight, it is tending to the drafting, global prosecution and strategic counselling needs of anti-microbial technology trailblazer Chemical Intelligence Ltd. With a PhD in chemistry and in-house experience at an oil and gas multinational under his belt, Achim Krebs is a favourite for bespoke, business-minded advice; he also provides farsighted assistance with IP strategy to companies in Asia. A go-to for complex post-grant proceedings, Leythem Wall has “exceptional analytical skills”: “His strong knowledge of case law and excellent communication skills make him effective in oral proceedings. Leythem is an invaluable resource and a pleasure to work with, and is highly recommended.””

Germany – Recommended experts

The guide states “HGF recently bolstered its German offering by merging with Patronus; leading lights at the firm include Jan Robert Naefe and Markus Zoller. Naefe is an EPO oppositions ace and materials science sage who “drafts patent applications with litigation in mind”, while biotechnology expert Zoller offers litigation strategy and portfolio management advice to clients on every scale, and brings experience working in a New York patent firm.”


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