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As HGF’s Head of a Engineering and with 20 years of experience from roles in house and in private practice co-ordinating global patent and design portfolios for both SMEs and corporate clients, Lucy works closely with businesses and with in house and external counsel to devise and deliver worldwide IP strategies. Her practice also includes infringement and validity work as well as due diligence for both investment and exit strategies.

Lucy's specialist areas extend to mechanical engineering, packaging technology, flexible film energy storage, building and construction products, contact cleaning, lifting equipment, safety equipment, high tensile rope, water treatment technology, household cleaning products, plumbing equipment, roofing systems, contamination containment, offshore oil and gas technology, automotive components and aerospace.

Lucy has a personal approach focused on delivering effective, valuable solutions for clients across a wide range of technologies.


  • Automotive systems
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Water management and water treatment


  • Automotive icon Automotive
  • Energy icon Energy
  • Packaging icon Packaging


  • Due diligence
  • In-house legal support
  • Patents
  • Portfolio management
  • Searching & competitor monitoring
  • Strategy


Patent Attorney

Chartered (UK)


(Hons) Pharmacology


Management of Intellectual Property


ILM5 Leadership and Management


Managing IP - IP Star

Lucy is a recognised MIP Star - Patents in the UK (2018; 2019; 2020)

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IAM Patent 1000 (2019; 2020)

IAM Patent 1000 is a guide to the leading IP professionals in key jurisdictions around the globe and is based on peer and client reviews. “Newcastle-based Lucy Johnson is an exceptionally versatile mechanical engineering patent strategist, as well as a qualified mediator.” (IAM, 1000; 2019) “Last but by no means least, “great, pragmatic leader Lucy Johnson impresses with her engineering know-how, which stretches from straightforward matters such as joist hangers and packaging to more arcane areas, including water treatment systems, welding and oil and gas technology.” (IAM, 1000; 2020)

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IAM Patent 1000 2020

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In times of crisis necessity is the mother of all invention

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HGF ranked 'Gold' in the Financial Times special report

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MIP IP Stars 2020

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IAM Patent 1000 2019

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From innovation to value through IP

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Conferences: 2021

March 16th 2021

Husch Blackwell webinar: Global Patent Protection


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March 9th 2021

IQPC Global IP Exchange Europe 2021


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January 26th 2021

IQPC Global Exchange Europe - Chair


January 26th 2021

IQPC Global IP Exchange USA 2021


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Conferences: 2020

September 29th 2020

IQPC Global IP Exchange USA - Chair


September 29th 2020

IQPC Global IP Exchange Europe 2020


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Conferences: 2019

November 13th 2019

IQPC Global IP Exchange USA 2019 - San Diego


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March 11th 2019

IQPC Global IP Exchange Europe - Berlin


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Lucy is an Expert in Residence at the Newcastle upon Tyne Business and IP Centre (BIPC), providing pro bono advice to attendees at a monthly IP and Strategy clinic.

The clinics are open to anyone with a question about Intellectual Property rights and how to use them effectively to support their business goals.

This is a forum which provides a wonderful opportunity to reach a wider audience in our community than we might otherwise support.

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Event - 9th June 2021

Webinar: Developing effective patent strategies for personalised medical devices in Europe and the US

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