Water management & water treatment

Regulation, climate change, increasing environmental standards, the requirement for supply resilience to global industry and the planet’s expanding population present broad challenges for the water management and treatment industry.

The technology emerging to respond to these requirements is diverse, spanning the treatment of wastewater with minimal environmental impact, desalination, transportation, infrastructure and more. 

Developments in drainage systems, water metering, flood defences, domestic water consumption management and leak monitoring and prevention are continuous, with Industry 4.0 providing real-time data to analyse and tune water networks to satisfy ceaseless demand for this essential resource.  

The HGF water management and treatment team’s expertise spans aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment plants and processes, electrochemical water treatment, sulphur removal processes, wastewater analysis, potable water pipes and fittings, filtration and ultrafiltration technology, desalination plants and processes, electrodeionisation (EDI) technology, clarifiers and separators and ion exchange resins and ion exchangers.  

Our large group of specialist patent, trade mark and IP solicitors, have expertise in engineering, microbiology, chemistry, electrochemistry and electronics, and advise large corporations, as well as universities and SMEs, in developing IP strategies for the geographical footprint of water technologies, including EMEA, Singapore, USA and Australia, covering IP protection, freedom to operate, licensing and exploitation and litigation across six European countries.

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