Issue 10 - August 2021

Retail Scanner

Welcome to the latest edition of the Retail Scanner, where we cover the latest IP news and issues in the retail sector. In this newsletter we cover a variety of different topics, including Banksy’s trade marks, BareMinerals v BareFace MineralsOatly v Glebe Farms, new technologies and what they mean for the business of cosmetics and skincare. We also look at cases, such as Morbier, Oatly slogan, vegan food fight for Impossible Burger and cover The Internet of Things, explaining the challenges it brings to the privacy of those caught in this inter-connected digital world.

Battle of the Banksy trade marks

By Rachel Platts

Between 2014 and 2019 Banksy applied and registered 14 European Union trade marks for some of his most famous artworks. However, over the last 2 years several of these registrations have been subject to invalidity actions filed by Full Colour Black Limited, a greetings card company…