IAM webinar: Tailormade licensing – no one size fits all

July 2020


IAM webinar will be hosted by HGF Partner Marie McMorrow and Legal Director Michelle Davies on 29 July at 2pm BST. 

Tailormade licensing – no one size fits all:

As industries become more interconnected, an increasing number of in-house teams are facing a range of licensing demands from rights owners. Licences can be tailored very specifically to the needs of the licensor and the licensee and there are many different structures and approaches that can be taken.

Marie McMorrow and Michelle Davies will discuss how to make your licence work best for you and create optimal value for your business, covering:

• How to best structure your licence scope

• What financial structures can be applied

• How to value your technology

• Other strategies you can consider including licensing pools or the use of defensive aggregators

• Negotiation top tips and points to remember


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