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IP Ingredients Blog, Parts 11-20

April 2024

Welcome to our blog series, IP Ingredients, created by our Food & Drink Team. This blog will explore the latest IP news, updates, and discussions in the food & drink sector.

Understanding how intellectual property is relevant to your food or drink company, and how to leverage different IP rights for business success can be tricky.

To help you untangle some of these issues, HGF attorneys Jennifer Bailey and Tanya Waller, together with other members of HGF’s Food & Drink team, have launched a new series of articles, “IP Ingredients”, which provides an introduction to IP in the food and drink field as well as giving lots of practical advice.

Part 11: Exploring colours in the food & drink sector – a patent perspective

In the eleventh edition of this series, “Exploring colours in the food & drink sector” ,  we discuss how the visual appearance, especially the colour, of a food or beverage product is one of the first things that a consumer will assess, using this information to decide whether a product looks good enough to taste or purchase.

Latest updates

IP Ingredients, Part 13: Navigating Trade Marks in the World of Food and Drink Rebranding

In the dynamic world of the food and drink industry, rebranding can be a strategic tool used by companies to refresh their image, capture new markets, or adapt to changing …

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Event - 9th May 2024

HGF's 10th Annual IP in Healthcare Conference 2024

We are delighted to invite you to HGF’s 10th annual IP in Healthcare Conference. This year’s theme focuses on emerging technologies. We will review the latest intellectual property issues and …

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Crafting a claim for AI in medtech: Two case studies

As artificial intelligence creates a complex legal landscape for healthcare and medtech, Janine Swarbrick of HGF explores two case studies that shed light on how to claim an AI invention. …

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Intellectual Property (IP) and its role in innovation during the energy transition

The shift from fossil fuels to greener energy will profoundly impact the profitability of many businesses in the energy sector. However, innovation has become an essential facilitator of the energy …

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More than just ‘Patent Protected’: How Intellectual Property (IP) can fuel collaboration and growth

Traditionally, intellectual property (IP) protection is viewed as a mechanism to create a monopoly and exclude competitors. For example, patents give the owner the right to stop others from using …

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HGF continues to grow with 7 new promotions

It gives us great pleasure to announce that seven members of our team have been promoted from Director to Partner. These promotions will be effective from the 1st of May …

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