HGF maintains a talented and specialised engineering team, who have individual expertise in areas including automotive, aerospace, cleantech, energy and medical devices. Our experience helps our clients to realise the full commercial potential of their inventions and innovations.

As HGF's practitioners include a number of scientists who have post-doctoral research experience, you can be confident that you are choosing a firm that understands the nature of what you do as well as the intricacies of the industry itself.

HGF provides professional, commercially-focused advice to engineering companies around the world, helping you to develop and fine-tune your IP strategy to provide the best results for your business. Whether you already have intellectual property that you want to exploit or you are seeking general advice in engineering IP issues, our dedicated engineering team has the passion and expertise to deliver a complete service.

As well as handling registration of patents worldwide and patent opposition proceedings, we can provide an audit of your company's registered and unregistered IP, helping to shed light on your portfolio's strengths and weaknesses and make informed business decisions.

Our team has a broad range of expertise in various fields of engineering, including propulsion systems, nuclear engineering, drug delivery, oil drilling technology and aerospace components. From the protection of new mechanical and electromechanical inventions to IP management and enforcement, we can help you to maximise the revenue that intellectual property brings to your business.

HGF works with a wide variety of clients, from multinational blue-chip companies to start-up businesses, research universities and government-funded organisations. Our strong track record in engineering IP and our highly skilled team of patent attorneys makes us the natural choice for a range of institutions.

Our Team

HGF employs a skilled team of attorneys, all of whom have university degrees in technical disciplines, so you know you are working with people who understand the technology of your inventions as well as the legal side required to protect and exploit them.

With a technical reach covering manufacturing, automotive engineering, power tools, road and bridge construction and many other disciplines, we are able to offer the same high level of service to businesses operating in a variety of areas.

To contact the engineering team, send an e-mail to enquiries@hgf.com for more information and advice. 

Our Clients

HGF has a range of clients working in engineering, from international companies to universities and independent businesses. To learn more about our experience in this field, please contact enquiries@hgf.com, who can answer any questions you might have about the engineering team.

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