Drug delivery devices

As the healthcare industry undergoes a significant shift towards patient empowerment, methods and approaches to administering drugs are experiencing rapid innovation to allow patients to take control of their own health through the use of digital insights and new technologies. 

Whilst this patient-centric approach lessens the burden on healthcare systems and supports the drive for prevention over treatment, home care brings its own challenges in developing safe, reliable ways for the general public, with no specialist knowledge, to correctly utilise emerging innovations, whilst allowing experts to monitor progress remotely.  

Meanwhile, evolution in medicine, such as developments in biologics, is creating fresh technical challenges for traditional devices, where collaboration with pharmaceutical companies is driving the transformation of existing delivery methods to allow for new types of medicine.  

HGF’s accomplished team in drug delivery systems carries out patent drafting, prosecution, oppositions, appeals, FTO and infringement opinions and litigation for large corporate firms, universities and overseas associates. Often working with the electronics team, the attorneys blend specialist knowledge with critical insights into fast emerging digital technologies.

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