As the world looks for more sustainable energy sources, electrochemistry has risen to the forefront of research for pioneering automotive and electronics industries. However, the uses of electrochemistry are manifold, and its impact is central in many diverse fields – from displays to environmental treatments, chemical analysis to driving production of difficult-to-produce molecules.

The diversity of uses of electrochemistry means that a one-size fits all approach to representation is not appropriate. We have one of the largest chemistry teams in Europe and within that we have many specialists that together deal with the vast array of electrochemical uses.

Particular areas of expertise include fuel cells (PEM, DMFC, AFC, PAFC, MCFC, SOFC, materials for electrodes, electrolyte, membranes, fundamental chemistry), batteries (fundamental chemistries for electrodes, separators, electrolytes), displays (OLEDs, QLEDs), environmental treatment (wastewater treatment, electrocoagulation), driving chemical reactions (electrodes for enzyme-catalysed reactions) and chemical analysis (potentiometry, amperometry, coulometry, and voltammetry).

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