Fuel cells

Due to the fact that fuel cells are essentially non-polluting, it’s no surprise they’re playing an integral role in the global drive for cleaner, greener energy and reduced carbon emissions.  

From small, portable units for powering personal electronics, through to those designed to power electric vehicles and spacecraft, and very large stationary units capable of generating megawatts of energy to feed into the mains electricity network, along with growth in the electric vehicle space, fuel cell development is the epitome of cross-disciplinary innovation, encompassing chemistry, engineering, electronics and materials science 

The multitude of interdisciplinary fuel cell expertise across HGF’s large attorney team provides major multinationals, SMEs and university spin outs with the strongest possible IP support. With wide-ranging experience across the firm’s technology teams, HGF’s specialist attorneys provide the requisite mix of skills, along with in-depth academic experience, in this important, technical field.

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The Outlook for Innovation in Construction Following COP28

As we enter the “beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era[1]”, we consider how intellectual property (IP) rights may play a role in fulfilling the pledges and initiatives …

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IAM Patent 1000 2023

IAM Patent 1000 the world’s leading patent professionals 2023 guide has now been published and we are delighted to have 31 attorneys recognised as world-class individuals in the guide. The …

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Profiting from Innovation Within Product Platforms

Innovative businesses should seek to maximise the value they obtain from working collaboratively within a product platform ecosystem. A well-defined IP strategy can help achieve this while increasing total innovation …

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Event - 29th September 2022

North East Automotive Expo 2022

HGF will be exhibiting at The North East Automotive Alliance’s flagship Expo on 29th September 2022. The event is an industry highlight for companies operating within the region’s automotive supply …

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Patentability of Simulations in Europe

Simulations offer a powerful tool in modern-day engineering. Subjecting designs to initial testing in a simulated environment will, for many designs, reduce costs owing to reduced needs to produce and …

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Event - 10th March 2022

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference 2022

HGF Patent Attorney Dr Robert Weinert-Aplin is attending and speaking at the Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference on 10th March 2022 in Milton Keynes, UK. The Manufacturing & Supply Chain …

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Tarilian Laser Technologies - a case study in due diligence

When deciding whether to invest in a company, an investor will inevitably have to decide the value of the company. Taking a simplified view, a company’s valuation can be considered …

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Health-conscious IP strategies

Strategies for navigating European patent portfolios in healthcare. Securing patent protection is critically important for innovative companies operating in the healthcare sector. European patent filings in healthcare, and particularly those …

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