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Jonathan graduated in 2016 with a first-class Master’s Degree (Meng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University. During his degree, Jonathan completed projects on Embedded Controllers for Wireless Communication and Control Systems.

Whilst studying for his degree, Jonathan worked for a year at a Rail Control Systems business. Once he graduated Jonathan returned to this company for three years, working on projects involving the development and installation of Telecoms, SCADA systems, and peripheral equipment for Rail systems.

Jonathan then joined the Renewable Energy industry and worked for three years at a Wind Turbine Predictive Analytics business. He was a member of a team developing Condition Monitoring System (CMS) hardware and sensors, which involved him being responsible for both design and certification testing for the business. As part of his role, he also configured cellular equipment and maintained customer equipment.

Jonathan joined HGF in 2022 as a trainee patent attorney, with his prior experience enabling him to understand a wide range of technologies from multiple industries.




Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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