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Dr. Rer. Nat., Dipl.-Chem.


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Telephone. +49 (0)89 1259 96029
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Dominique Trösch is a trained chemist having done scientific research in metal organic chemistry financed by the DAAD and the British Council. He is active in IP since 2000 and took part in multiple patent invalidation proceedings in front of the European Patent Office (e.g. EP1175904/alendronate; T 493/09 of 27 February 2013, T284/11 of 11 February 2014, ... ) and German Courts (e.g. lead sentence decision repaglinide - BGH XZR 128/09 of 11 November 2014; BPatG 3 Ni 36/04 of 27 June 2006 - SPC/alendronate; BPatG 3 Ni 37/07 of 11 November 2008 - cetirizine). Recently, he was involved with referral G 2/21 to the EPO's Enlarged Board of Appeal (G 2/21 of 23 March 2023 - reliance on a purported technical effect for inventive step (plausibility)) - often in cases also relating litigation. Besides pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, he also has experience with other technical fields (material sciences, steel, physical chemistry, food chemistry). Experience from the aforementioned cases proves helpful drafting opinions or for conducting due diligence work.

He fluently speaks, reads and listens to German, English and French- using German and English in written procedures.

Since recently, he is also a representative in front of the UPC.


Patent Attorney


Trade Mark Attorney





Dr. rer. nat. (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)


President of European Patent Expert’s Exchange (EuPEX) e.V. – a  registered association under German Law meeting  monthly to discuss recent EPO Offical Journals and Technical Boards of Appeal Case Law;

occassionally partaking in AIPPI questionnaires;

member of the following groups, associations and chambers:  PAK, EPI, FICPI, AIPPI, EuPEX, LES Germany, GRUR, GDCh (German Chemists Association) – Fachgruppe gewerblicher Rechtsschutz), BDPA.

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