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Fashionably IP Podcast – Episodes 10-22 – exploring hot topics in the world of fashion and intellectual property

April 2023

We are delighted to launch series 2 of our Fashionably IP Podcast where we will be looking at important hot topics in the world of fashion and intellectual property.

In this new series, we will be focusing on key aspects of design protection in the UK and EU. We will also review the latest intellectual property issues in fashion or discuss matters of IP which have impacted the world of fashion for years and have come up again and again.

The podcast will consist of interviews, opinion pieces and case law discussions. The information in the podcasts is not legal advice.

If you have any questions concerning issues raised please contact HGF Partners & Trade Mark Attorneys Rebecca Field or Lee Curtis.

Episode 10

Disclosure and its impact on unregistered and registered design protection


Episode 11

Novelty and infringement of UK and EU Unregistered and Registered Design Rights


Episode 12

The important points of registering designs in the UK and EU


Episode 13

Goodwill with a fashion spin featuring special guest!


Episode 14

Decorative use of trade marks in the world of fashion


Episode 15

‘Quirky’ aspects of UK and EU trade mark practice


Episode 16

Parody Fashion Brands: Trade Mark Perspective Across the US, UK, and EU


Episode 17

Impact of Brexit on design and trade mark rights in the world of fashion.


Episode 18

How to conduct a search for a fashion design in the UK and EU?


Episode 19

The quiet luxury trend, what is it? And what is its impact of IP?


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Episode 20

The impact of artificial intelligence on IP in fashion?


Episode 21

The impact of exhaustion of rights on IP in the world of fashion

Episode 22 

Explaining IP fashion law through the humble trainer or sneaker

Click the button below to listen to Episodes 1-9:

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