Dr Susan Keston


Susan has a combined honours degree in Physics and Astronomy and a doctorate in Computational Particle Physics from the University of Glasgow. Prior to joining the patent profession she worked as an engineer on 3G mobile telecommunications research and development.

Susan has invaluable experience in drafting and prosecuting a portion of the worldwide patent portfolio for a highly successful UK-based multinational semiconductor and software tools company, which specialises in low-power Reduced Instruction Set Computing and System-on-Chip technology.

A particular area of her expertise is in prosecuting computer-implemented inventions on the borderline of patentability, and she has successfully represented previous clients before the European Patent Office (EPO) and at hearings at the UK Intellectual Property Office on this matter.

Susan's clients benefit from her strong technical expertise, keen analytical skills and commercially-focused advice. She has had the benefit of working directly and independently with numerous inspirational inventors on cutting-edge technology.