Craig Thomson


Craig has considerable experience in providing pragmatic, commercially focused advice to a wide-range of clients and in relation to biotechnological, pharmaceutical, chemical and medtech inventions. As well as patent drafting and prosecution, Craig advises on the development of company-wide IP strategies, preparing for or carrying out funding/acquisition due diligence, and advising on aggressive/defensive strategies in relation to third party IP.

In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors, Craig has advised on therapeutic inventions (including small molecule, protein and microbial based therapeutics), diagnostic inventions (eg involving biomarkers such as nucleic acid polymorphisms, cytokines and ECG output), and industrial microbial inventions. He has a particular interest in inventions relating to the microbiome, bacteriophage and CRISPR-related technologies.  In the chemical sector, Craig has advised on material chemistry, food technologies and pharmaceutical-formulation technologies. He also has experience in the field of medtech (e.g. cardiovascular implantable devices, microfluidic devices and catheters) and packaging.

Having worked closely with multi-national corporations, Craig is aware of the particular challenges associated with efficiently prosecuting large multi-national patent portfolios, whilst keeping them relevant to the business. He values this experience as it has helped him to provide expert guidance to SMEs as they grow or prepare for acquisition, and to academic institutions as they seek commercial collaborators.

Whilst part of Craig’s focus is ensuring that the technical aspect of each invention is accurately captured in a patent, he also understands that the value of IP can only be fully realised after understanding the broader commercial goals of a business and how IP is to be exploited to help realise those goals.  He therefore enjoys learning more generally about his clients, not just about their technology, thereby enabling him to provide them with a more broad-ranging, effective and valuable set of solutions.  Accordingly, Craig’s advice often involves the development of company-wide IP strategies, preparing for or carrying out funding/acquisition due diligence, and advising on aggressive or defensive strategies in relation to third party IP (including opposition proceedings before the EPO and the provision of FTO opinions).

Craig has a proven track record of providing successful outcomes for clients in a range of legal proceedings, including opposition proceedings, entitlement proceedings, and in-person USPTO examiner interviews.  He has co-written an amicus curiae that was filed with the US Supreme Court in connection with Sequenom v Ariosa, and has assisted many clients to successfully obtain investment, including listing on AIM.

Craig has a BSc in Physiology and Pharmacology from the University of Dundee, and an MSc in Intellectual Property from the University of London. Prior to qualifying in London as a patent Attorney, he was a Patent Examiner at the UKIPO.

Craig became a partner of HGF in April 2017 and is a qualified European, Irish and UK Patent Attorney. 

Craig is listed as a IAM Patent 1000 individual 2019. They wrote: “Taking the reins on this initiative is Craig Thomson, an experienced handler of biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical and medical innovations. Thomson is a seasoned prosecutor and serves up trenchant advice on IP strategy in connection with technology-driven deals and enforcement issues; the broad ambit of his practice has helped him develop a refined commercial sense.”