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19th December 2020
UPC – Progress on German ratification

The German Bundestag has approved the ratification bill on the Unified Patent Court Agreement. The EPO has welcomed the news, explaining that “in Germany, the UPC bill will now be submitted …

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2nd August 2020
UK will not participate in the UPC

On 20 July 2020, it was announced that the UK had made its final preparation to withdraw from the Unified Patent Court project. A formal withdrawal of ratification was deposited, …

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13th July 2018
UK intends to explore staying in the UPC and unitary patent system after the UK leaves the EU

The UK government has reaffirmed its commitment to the UPC and unitary patent in the recent “Brexit White Paper”. The paper’s section on Intellectual Property states that: “The UK has …

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13th May 2018
UK ratifies the Unified Patent Court Agreement

On World IP day last week, the UK Minister for Intellectual Property, Sam Gyimah MP, confirmed that the UK has ratified the Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA).  The announcement from …

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13th December 2017
UPC Groundhog Day?

In January 2017, we posted the news:  “The UPC to be operational by December 2017”. It’s now December 2017, and for reasons we couldn’t have foreseen in January, it feels …

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13th September 2017
UPC Prep Comm – Further progress, yet further delays

The UPC Preparatory Committee has posted an update on the “Progress on the Unified Patent Court Project”. Good progress was reported on the one hand, with 14 full ratifications and more in …

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13th June 2017
UK presses on with ratification of the UPC Agreement

The UK is pressing on with legislation that is required for the ratification of the UPC Agreement by the UK; secondary legislation in the form of an Order on Privileges and …

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11th June 2017
December 2017 target start date for UPC will not be achieved

The UPC Preparatory Committee has announced that the timetable for opening the UPC (and the associated start date for Unitary Patents) is to be revised. The target date for the …

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13th April 2017
UK General Election – December UPC start date seems doubtful

This morning the UK Prime Minister has called for a General Election on 8 June 2017.  Parliament will vote on this tomorrow. Assuming the General Election goes ahead, under the …

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