Scientific instruments

Scientific instruments support research and development in many scientific fields.

Demand for developments in scientific instruments is driven particularly by research in the biotechnology and R&D in WIMP detection fields. Underpinned by hard science, developments push science to its limits, and is an industry where strong IP protection for underlying technology can reap commercial rewards. Equally, since proprietary core technology is a key feature of the commercial IP landscape for scientific instruments, competitor workarounds must always be considered.  

These are two sides of the same IP protection coin, and HGF is at the forefront of helping our clients navigate these commercial realities. 

The large, passionate scientific instruments team at HGF has provided a full spectrum of IP services in this field for over 20 years. The specialist attorneys work with multinational organisations, universities and research institutions to develop their core ideas into market leading instrumentation used across the world given their higher qualifications, PhDs and masters degrees in physics and electronics along with their in-house expertise within the relevant industries.

Spanning optics, quantum technology, electricity and magnetism, surface structures, horology, nuclear technology and other sectors, the team performs IP portfolio management, patent drafting and prosecution, clearance and landscape searches, due diligence, transactional and litigation services. The highly experienced specialists are as adept in developing economically efficient IP strategies as they are handling oppositions in the scientific instruments field, attending significant numbers of Oral Proceedings and successfully actioning enforcement against alleged infringers. 

The scientific instruments team offers a single point of contact for clients, whilst enabling smooth transfer of work between jurisdictions, and its seamless integration with HGF Law enables rapid and on-point enforcement and licensing advice to be provided on a case by case basis.

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