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WIPR Trademarks Los Angeles 2022

August 2022

Event date: 22nd September 2022

WIPR Trademarks Los Angeles will be held on 22nd September 2022.

The event will bring together 100+ brand protection experts to discuss key strategic trademark management issues.

WIPR Trademarks Los Angeles will provide an invaluable opportunity to:

  • Hear policy updates first-hand
  • Understand the impact of recent case law
  • Listen to expert opinion
  • Access solutions to assist in streamlining of your day-to-day role

HGF Partner & Trade Mark Attorney Richard Wylie will be speaking at the event. He will cover ‘Clearing Through the Clutter in Europe‘:

Congested registers are a common theme worldwide, but with no Trademark Modernization Act to tackle the issue, how are the EU and UK trademark authorities looking at the issue? And importantly, just how can you find a way through the clutter with a new mark. Richard Wylie of HGF, will provide a concise summary of the landscape in the EU and practical [guidance/strategies] to securing an all-important trademark in the UK and EU.


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