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IAM webinar: Primed to tap into the economic potential? Troubleshooting patent protection of AI innovations in Europe

September 2020

Event date: 28th September 2020

IAM webinar will be hosted by HGF Partners Dr Chris Benson and Dr Susan Keston on 28 September at 4pm BST.

Primed to tap into the economic potential? Troubleshooting patent protection of AI innovations in Europe

Mastering artificial intelligence (AI) offers humanity the hope of using it to solve everything else. AI has already accomplished much in self-driving cars, drugs discovery, medical diagnosis and simulation, speech recognition, natural language understanding and much more.

Protecting such AI-based innovations is of paramount commercial importance. However, patent law and even patent attorneys have scrambled to keep up with the increasing numbers of inventions utilising AI.

In this webinar Dr Chris Benson and Dr Susan Keston will look at a selection of European patent applications directed to AI-based inventions across different technology areas and compare and contrast factors that led to grant or refusal of these applications by the European Patent Office (EPO).

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