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IAM Live: Trade Secrets Strategy Europe 2023

March 2023

Event date: 28th June 2023

HGF are gold sponsors of IAM Live: Trade Secrets Strategy Europe 2023 on the 28th of June at Butchers’ Hall, London.

The rapidly growing importance of trade secrets is throwing up new and difficult challenges for IP teams previously focused solely on patents. This event will help you build a holistic strategy for identifying, protecting, and monetising your proprietary know-how. Bringing together leading experts from industry and private practice, IAM Live: Trade Secrets Strategy Europe will provide a wide range of actionable insights, as well as offering cutting-edge thought-leadership on this fast-moving area of IP strategy.

HGF Partner and IP Solicitor Michelle Davies will be moderating the panel session on ‘Taking responsibility for trade secrets strategy‘.

This panel will cover ‘Proprietary know-how and data are becoming more important to business models and to IP professionals, but only a few companies have a clear and comprehensive trade secrets strategy in place.

  • The necessity of an overarching strategy
  • Expanding the horizons of IP teams
  • Bringing together the many threads of trade secret protection’.

HGF Partner and IP Solicitor Marie McMorrow and IP Solicitor Christie Batty will be in attendance at the event.

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