Kieran Killough


Kieran Killough

What first attracted you to a career at HGF?
HGF is a young, up-and-coming firm of patent attorneys that gave me the impression that it was keen to develop new-starters and provide an attractive training environment.

What opportunities for progression and development have you had since you joined the Firm?
HGF funded my Postgraduate Diploma at the University of Manchester and allowed me to take time out of the office to attend lectures, study and sit my exams. Additionally, my two supervising Partners provided me with detailed feedback on my work and made helpful suggestions for improvement. The amount of responsibility given to me has increased with time, helping me to become more confident and competent.

As a trainee, HGF provide me with a training budget which I manage myself. With this budget, I am able to pick and choose which training courses I attend in preparation for my exams. It is the responsibility of the trainee to decide which courses they attend and when they sit each of the exams, although there is plenty of guidance and advice offered from other members of the Firm.

Since qualifying as a UK patent attorney, I am being supported and encouraged by my supervisors to take on more direct responsibility with certain clients and assist in growing the Firm.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your role at HGF?
I enjoy meeting with clients to discuss new inventions and helping them to decide on the best strategy for obtaining maximum protection. It is also particularly satisfying when an application I have been working on gets granted.

What makes you stay at HGF?
As a comparatively young firm, HGF is constantly changing and growing. The Firm rewards those who assist its growth and encourages ambition in individuals.

If you had to describe working for HGF in just three words, what would they be?
Ambitious, demanding and rewarding.