Andy Camenisch


Andy Camenisch

What first attracted you to a career at HGF?
I started here on work experience. To be honest, I really just wanted to find out what the job involved. As it turned out, I really enjoyed it and got on very well with everyone, so I took the role when I was offered it.

What opportunities for progression and development have you had since you joined the Firm? 
I’ve taken the Manchester course (for foundation level qualification) and all of the advanced UK exams and am now UK qualified. I’ve also taken all of the EQE (European Qualifying Examinations) and am now also fully European Qualified.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of your role at HGF?
I enjoy working with the larger pharmaceutical companies and making a contribution to their intellectual property strategy. I also enjoy working on due diligence for pharma companies - some of the deals are worth significant sums, and are business critical to the client.

What makes you stay at HGF?
My colleagues, as well as job security.

If you had to describe working for HGF in just three words, what would they be?
Interesting, fun and rewarding.