Luxury Law Summit 2020

March 2020


HGF is a gold sponsor at Luxury Law Summit 2020 on 31st March with Partners Antony Gold, Martyn Fish, Trade Mark Director Lucy Pope and Marketing Director Jacqui Weston attending.

The climate crisis and the demand for sustainable business strategies is top of the news and opinion agenda: the luxury sector has to respond. This year’s Luxury Law Summit agenda will focus on the challenges and opportunities for luxury brands aiming to create, distribute and market their brands in a more sustainable way. Attend the conference to understand how leading companies are changing the way they do business, from supply chain to point of sale and learn from the advice of leading law firms who will share expertise and examples on topics such as compliance and reputation protection.


HGF is hosting a workshop: Above the skin – the intriguing world of decoration in luxury products

Much of the focus of the intellectual property created in luxury items is on the underlying product – the shape of a dress, a car, a handbag and so on. But the use of decorative elements on fashion garments and other luxury products often requires discrete analysis – for example, slogans and images raise a number of copyright and trade mark issues, some fine distinctions can determine whether lace designs on fabric are protected by copyright or designs (and a lot can turn on the answer) and so on.

In this interactive session we will:

  • Pass around number of real examples
  • Explain the issues which arise and why they matter
  • Discuss practical steps for avoiding infringement of third party IP and protecting your own IP when creating decorative elements on designs.


Find out more about the event and register here*.


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