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IAM Global Patent Prosecution 2023

January 2023

IAM Global Patent Prosecution 2023 is now live.

Patent Prosecution is an indispensable reference tool for IP owners, providing an overview of the hottest issues they should be aware of when securing effective patent protection in key markets around the world.

The below extracts are from the 2023 edition of IAM’S Global Patent Prosecution 2023 contributed by HGF.

Chris Benson and Bernhard Ganahl have an article on ‘Software patent eligibility practice at the EPO’. In this article, they explore software patentability, covering why only some software inventions are patentable before the EPO, the requirements for an invention to be patentable, and how patent practice before the EPO with respect to software inventions may evolve in the future.

Bernhard Ganahl, Jan Robert Naefe and Markus Zoller have written an article on ‘Germany: patent prosecution’.This article details Q&A questions on ‘How do you get a patent in Germany’.

Achim Krebs, Vincent van der Mark and Jessica Kroeze have an article on ‘Netherlands: patent prosecution. This article details Q&A questions on ‘How do you get a patent in the Netherlands’.

The whole publication is available at:

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