HGF has a sector-leading intellectual property group that understands and provides the complete spectrum of IP services to companies operating in the financial, fintech, insurance, accountancy, private equity and venture capital sectors. 

The traditional functions of deposit-taking, lending and moving money are being challenged by a vast number of fintech start-ups keen to do things quicker, cheaper and differently. Even the nature of money is evolving, as blockchain provides the platform and technology for new crypto currencies to emerge.

Regulatory trends across the financial and insurances sectors are forcing greater accountability, openness and protection of clients, affecting both the separation of investment from consumer activity, and in the fields of data protection and privacy. AI represents both an opportunity and threat to businesses in the broad financial sector.

We act for banks, financial and investment advisers, investment businesses, insurance companies, hedge funds, actuaries, financial software providers and a major regulatory body.

Our IP professionals offer a range of services, including:

  • Protection of inventions and tech - patents
  • New brands, new territories - trade mark protection.
  • Data protection + GDPR
  • Agreements + Joint Ventures
  • Trade secrets in a connected and mobile world
  • Disputes over inventions, copyright + brands
  • Mergers + acquisitions: IP due diligence
  • Security and financial innovation: cryptography + blockchain
  • Growth companies: IP Audit
  • Inventive employees: harvesting and utilising good ideas from the workplace
  • Patent Box: tax efficiency on global income

If you have any queries or are interested in any of the services please contact Jonathan Thurgood on +44(0) 207 776 5100 / jthurgood@hgf.com