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Webinar: The new Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent – a guide to your contracts

August 2022

Event date: 14th September 2022

HGF hosted a webinar to discuss the new Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent – a guide to your contracts

About the webinar

The Provisional Phase of the UPC is now live with an expected start date of Q1 2023. This means that patentees who wish to take their existing European patents outside the UPC’s jurisdiction, will need to be ready to apply to opt-out from autumn 2022.

Equally those who wish to take advantage of the multi-jurisdictional UP designation and the possible cost savings associated with this new patent right, will also be able to take advantage of sunrise schemes which will lead to grant of a UP shortly after the UPC goes live.

This seminar is the third in the HGF series and provides an update on progress and discuss some of the more practical and contractual implications for patentees considering the impact the UPC will have on the ownership, prosecution, enforcement and licensing of European patents and supplementary patent certificates across at least 17 EU Member States (including Germany, France, Italy and The Netherlands).

Watch the webinar below:


Michelle Davies – Partner & IP Solicitor

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