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CIPA Webinar: Enhancing Diversity in the Patent Profession How Can I Help

January 2023

Event date: 17th January 2023

CIPA hosted a webinar to discuss ‘Enhancing diversity in the patent profession.’


Tuesday 17 January, 2023


12.30pm – 1.30pm (GMT)

Equity, diversity and inclusion has been in the spotlight for quite a while now, and we’ve seen some fantastic initiatives from the Institutes, IP Inclusive, and many other supporters.

The webinar will explain what IP professionals can do to make a difference when it comes to EDI. We will be hearing from experts such as Luke McKelvey, from In2Science, and Vanessa Stainthorpe, IP expert and HGF’s Board sponsor for EDI.

CIPA has teamed up with the three charities Generating Genius, In2Science and The Access Project, who are desperate for volunteers to help out with building opportunities in the EDI space.

Whether it be tutoring, mentoring, or inspiring careers talks, we’ll be hearing from the charities themselves along with volunteers who can tell their story. Chaired by the effervescent Lee Davies, we really hope a sizeable portion of the profession will turn out for this one and go away with new and inspiring ideas!


Lee Davies – Chief Executive, CIPA

Luke McKelvey – In2Science

Mary Skelton – The Access Project

Harry Hodges – The Access Project

Vanessa Stainthorpe – HGF

Gwilym Roberts, Honorary Secretary – CIPA

Laura Ramsay – Dehns

Watch the webinar by clicking the button below:

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