When you’re investing in strategic research and development, you need to know that you can turn that investment into business value. That’s where patents come in. A patent or even just a patent application provides the legal deterrent to competitors who would rather copy unprotected technology and provides reassurance to investors who want to see something more tangible than just great ideas.

Really strong patent protection relies on a real understanding of the technology.  That’s where our patent attorneys come in. All of our patent attorneys have a scientific or engineering education to at least degree level.  Many of our patent attorneys have years of experience working with or for some of the world’s leading technology companies.  Our expertise and experience covers the whole range of technical fields: Chemistry; Engineering; Life Sciences; Electronics.            

We can help you get patent protection for your products and processes throughout the world. We can help you avoid or neutralise the patents of your competitors.  We can help you enforce your patents when you need to stop imitators.  And we can do all of this with a pragmatic commercial approach that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our patent professionals operate in specialist business teams covering particular fields of technology

Our team

The HGF patents team comprises professionals from Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics, and Life Sciences backgrounds.

To contact the patents team, send an e-mail to enquiries@hgf.com for more information and advice. 

Our clients

To find out more about our experience and our clients please contact enquiries@hgf.com, who will be happy to provide more information about specific cases.

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