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Any product or service which improves efficiency, productivity or performance whilst reducing cost, energy consumption, waste or pollution falls under the Cleantech banner. At HGF we believe that a rigorous and effective but proportionate IP policy provides the essential bedrock to enable start-ups and established players to maximise the market opportunities that this technology warrants.

Businesses looking to provide such products or services often need to overcome significant barriers to entry, both in terms of competitive technological take-up and overcoming inertia or prejudice. Such problems are exacerbated when trying to access and gain ground in the highly regulated utility sectors. Recognising the challenges that the Cleantech sector has, and that the market for investment in the Cleantech sector is growing, our attorneys are well-versed in maximising IP impact during initial and growth stages of business development, as well as ensuring that smaller businesses have the correct tools and strategies to leverage their intellectual assets, obtain funding and successfully commercialise their offerings.

Our team of Cleantech specialists is ready to put its cross-specialist knowledge in biotech, chemistry, engineering, electronics and trade marks to work on protecting your inventions, designs and brands to shape your IP strategy. Working with our sister firm of IP solicitors, HGF offers unrivalled expertise in the Cleantech sector.