Dr Vincent Jennings

Patent Director

Vincent has worked in private practice in Japan and the UK, and has broad experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the mechanical and electrical fields. Vincent has advised on subject matter including telecommunications, 2D and 3D printing technology, LCD displays, optical storage media and devices, memory arrays, semiconductor fabrication, computer software and document processing systems. 

Although mainly representing large international corporations, Vincent also advises universities, SME's and individuals. 

Vincent began his patent career in Japan, working in private patent practice in Osaka, where he gained experience of prosecuting US, European, Japanese and Chinese patent applications, and progressed to manage a team prosecuting electrical and mechanical patent applications. On returning to England, Vincent continued working in private patent practice and joined HGF in 2010. 

Vincent graduated from the University of Warwick with a master's degree in Mathematics and Physics (1st Hons), and was awarded a PhD, also from the University of Warwick, for research involving computer simulations of crystals, particularly ferroelectric perovskites. Vincent's research included investigating the effect of temperature and pressure on crystal structure and lattice vibrations. He also studied the relationship between electric field gradients and structural distortions. He presented the results of his work at various national and international conferences. 

Vincent qualified as a UK Patent Attorney in 2010 and as a European Patent Attorney in 2011.