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11th April 2017
UPC ratification and Article 50 – what next?

Will the ratification of the UPCA by the UK be affected by triggering Article 50? Apparently not. The latest news we have below from UKIPO UPC Taskforce was received on …

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13th March 2017
Still confident the UPC could open in December 2017

Last week the UPC Preparatory Committee announced it was “confident” that the provisional application phase of the UPC could start at the end of May 2017. This timing would enable the Court …

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13th February 2017
12th UPCA Ratification and other UPC News

Italy has become the 12th country to officially ratify the UPC Agreement. The full details on ratification progress can be found here. The UK is expected to ratify next.  News of other ratifications …

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14th January 2017
The UPC and what to expect

The Unified Patent Court is expected to become operational by December 2017. The UKIPO UPC Taskforce and the UPC Preparatory Committee have confirmed that the Provisional Application Phase (PAP) for …

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13th January 2017
UPC aims to be operational by December 2017

The UKIPO UPC Taskforce and the UPC Preparatory Committee have today confirmed that Provisional Application Phase (PAP) for the UPC will start at the end of spring 2017 (May 2017). …

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13th December 2016
UK signs the UPC Protocol on Privilege and Immunities

As the first step in the UPC Agreement ratification process, the UKIPO has confirmed that the UK signed the Protocol on Privilege and Immunities in Brussels on Wednesday 14 December. Preparations for …

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13th November 2016
UK to Ratify UPC Agreement

The UK government has confirmed it is proceeding with preparations to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement. Despite the vote to Brexit, the UK government has announced it will continue …

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13th September 2016
UK – ratifying the UPC – could we, should we?

Two interesting documents on Brexit and the UPC have been published; the UK Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) view on the UPC in light of Brexit, which is supported by the …

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13th May 2016
Are you UPC ready?

Preparing for change: a new type of patent for Europe. This is the second in our series of briefing notes which consider the key decisions that patentees and applicants will …

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