The European Patent Institute (epi) Webinar series - “Case Law Online“

July 2020


HGF Partner Leythem Wall will be presenting a webinar on “Priority” on 1st July and on “Clarity” on 8th July.

"Case Law Online" is a series of webinars giving you an overview of relevant key decisions and recent developments in the EPO's Boards of Appeal (BoA) case law. The experienced epi speakers will discuss recent Enlarged BoA and other significant decisions which every patent attorney should have in mind during examination, opposition or appeal proceedings. This webinar series includes:

  • Plausibility
  • Priority
  • Clarity
  • Disclaimers

HGF Partner Leythem Wall will be running a webinar on 1st July, where he will discuss priority at the EPO, including running through relevant key EPO Board of Appeal and Enlarged Board of Appeal decisions on partial priorities and assignment of priority rights. 

On 8th July he will also run a webinar discussing clarity at the EPO covering relevant EPO case law, including on amendments made in EPO opposition proceedings.

Please see here for more information.