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2nd June 2020
A virtual success – experiences with online hearings

To assist with the continued operation of civil proceedings during the COVID-19 crisis, the courts have been allowing parties to conduct trials and hearings remotely. Given social distancing and the …

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1st June 2020
COVID-19 licensing challenges

The taking of new therapies and technologies forward to meet the challenges of COVID-19 is happening at previously unprecedented rates. MHRA is taking flexible approaches to regulation during the COVID-19 …

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30th May 2020
Compulsory licences: the key to accessing inventions in the face of coronavirus?

The current coronavirus pandemic provides a unique opportunity for the life sciences sector to invent, and to do so on an international scale. The race is on to develop a …

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27th May 2020
How can you mediate without meeting?

Litigation is inevitable in the current economic climate. However, the perception is that settlement might be more difficult to achieve without face to face meetings or access to ADR. Mediation …

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22nd April 2020
Chain of Title – The Importance of Getting It Right

Making sure there are no issues with ownership of IP is of crucial importance to any business. The current economic outlook is likely to result in events which require careful …

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21st April 2020
The legal position on electronically executing documents

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting home working, the issue of whether legal documents can be signed electronically is being asked more frequently by clients. The …

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21st April 2020
UK – Billion pound support package for innovative firms hit by coronavirus

The Chancellor has announced a new £1.25 billion coronavirus package to protect firms driving innovation in the UK.  The package includes a £500 million investment fund for high-growth companies impacted by …

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1st March 2020
COVID-19 contractual and legal considerations

With the increasing volume of cases and extensive media coverage, there is no doubt COVID-19 represents a significant risk to businesses across the globe. Businesses will inevitably be impacted and …

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