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8th October 2020
In Review – Lockdown Proofing Your IP

Following the lifting of the national lockdown in the UK and months of home working, businesses have faced numerous challenges, from how to effectively enable employees to work at home …

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1st September 2020
HGF offices and COVID-19 deadlines

HGF continues to remain fully operational with the majority of staff working remotely due to the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. As some of our offices remain physically closed, we do …

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14th July 2020
HGF Deadlines and Docketing – Updated 23 June 2020

HGF continues to remain fully operational at this time, with the majority of staff working remotely due to the ongoing situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. The status of our offices …

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3rd July 2020
Coronavirus update – HGF offices

The situation across the world is changing rapidly and as a result we have put in place measures to ensure that we are able to continue to provide the high-quality …

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1st July 2020
Funding available to accelerate innovation in the battle against COVID-19

The speed of many of our clients to join the battle in fighting the development and spread of COVID-19 has made us immensely proud. This has come from some focusing …

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24th June 2020
IP considerations in COVID-19 vaccine development: tensions and tools

Development of COVID-19 vaccines will produce valuable IP that could be protected by patents. However, given that a patent application is not published until about 18 months from its initial …

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23rd June 2020
In times of crisis necessity is the mother of all invention

The trouble with emergencies is they leave little time to develop normal working relationships and collaborations. When trying to solve some of the problems arising when the demand for technology …

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22nd June 2020
A look at the WIPO coronavirus tools

On the 23rd April, WIPO announced it was launching a specific search platform to aid researchers in searching for inventions that could be helpful in the current Covid-19 pandemic. The search platform is …

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22nd June 2020
Keep calm and carry your brand through the COVID-19 crisis

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has had an unprecedented and dramatic impact on people and businesses internationally. The measures that have been put in place to contain the spread of the …

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