UPC - 10 down; 3 to go...

June 2016

News from the Council of the EU - Bulgaria has become the 10th member state to deposit its instrument of ratification on the Unified Patent Court agreement.

In order to come into effect, 13 EU countries need to ratify the agreement on the UPC, including France, Germany and the UK.  

It has also been reported that Draft German UPC legislation has entered its required parliamentary process; translated from German:

Agenda item 22

a) First reading of the federal government 
introduced a draft law to the Convention of 19 February 2013, a Unified Patent Court 
Drucksache 18 / ... b) First reading of the federal government introduced a draft law to adapt patent law provisions on the basis of the European patent reform Drucksache 18 / ... (TOP 22, 00:30 hours)