When you have a product design, you want to make sure you can make use of it without worrying about potential conflicts and ensure that you can stop counterfeiters and competitors taking advantage of your rights unfairly. Our design team can support you every step of the way, making sure your designs are protected and can create value for your business. 

Our design rights team is dedicated to helping you identify and protect your registered and unregistered design rights and advising you on how to maximise their value to your business. Our team of industry experts will work with you as you develop your product further and help you navigate the law to ensure you capture and prosecute your design rights correctly, as well as advising on enforcement and protection.

Working seamlessly together, HGF's attorneys and solicitors can advise on protecting your product designs, co-ordinating international filing programs and reviewing your portfolio to commercialise your design portfolio.  Our team has specialist knowledge of science and technology industries, so can advise on the optimum way to support you as you develop your business further.

Our team

HGF's design team is dedicated to protecting your design rights and has a passion for working with innovative product designs and supporting the people who create them.

To contact the design team, send an e-mail to design@hgf.com for more information and advice. 

Our clients

To find out more about our experience and our clients please contact design@hgf.com, who will be happy to provide more information about specific cases.

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