While copyright and database rights automatically arise to protect your business’ creative work, it is important to have a strategy in place to ensure you can exploit and protect it.  Our copyright services ensure you have support and advice at every step from one of our experts, to help you get the most from your rights.

Businesses create valuable IP assets attracting copyright or database right protection every day.  HGF’s copyright team is focused on working with clients to ensure your business is capturing these valuable rights and is in a position to maximise their value. Whether you need advice on ensuring rights vest with your business, commercialising your assets or safeguarding against infringement, our experts can assist.

Our team has expertise in a range of science and technology fields, including computing and software, as well as lawyers who can advise on all types of media, social media and user-generated content.  We can pair your business with somebody who understands your industry and who can help you navigate the law in relation to copyright and database rights.  HGF's copyright experts can also work with you to co-ordinate overseas filing and administration for your copyright works. 

Our team

HGF’s copyright team is dedicated to protecting your business’ original creative work and advising you on exploiting your assets. We can advise on strategy, exploitation and protection to make sure your work is generating value for your business. 

To contact the copyright team, send an e-mail to copyright@hgf.com for more information.

Our clients

To find out more about our experience and our clients please contact copyright@hgf.com, who will be happy to provide more information about specific cases.