Bioprocessing and biotechnology

From vaccines and pharmaceuticals, to biofuels, food and household goods, developments in bioprocessing and biotechnology have the potential to significantly influence the future of manufacturing, medicine and energy. Significant challenges remain in many areas, such as complex regulatory issues and the ever-present need to improve productivity and consistency, whilst reducing costs, resulting in the generation of highly valuable and eminently protectable innovation for our clients.

Progress in bioprocessing within the pharmaceutical sector is motivated by a growing demand for novel therapeutics, including biopharmaceutical medicines and vaccines, and the rapid emergence of disruptive cell and gene therapy treatments.

In the energy sector, research and development is spurred by public desire and government support for more efficient, cleaner systems that enable a shift away from traditional petrochemicals.

And in food and nutrition, growing demands for meat replacements, increased shelf life, enhanced quality and health-promoting products are all influencing a range of technological developments.

These, and other areas of bioprocessing and biotechnology, are underpinned by a plethora of technologies, from vector design to process control, fermenter engineering to product recovery. HGF has been at the cutting-edge of developments in bioprocessing and biotechnology for many years, with a specialist team combining comprehensive scientific knowledge and commercial understanding to develop and implement legally and commercially astute IP strategies. Working with a wide range of clients, from global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, to SMEs and universities, the team supports innovation across all sectors.

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