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Susanna studied Molecular Science at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. Molecular sciences is a cross-disciplinary field that studies molecular materials, structures and systems. Molecular sciences serve as a basis for scientific areas such as medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, bio-molecular engineering, molecular biology and physics. Masters in Molecular Sciences also involve aspects of scientific innovation and discovery, biochemistry and chemical engineering.

Further to her studies of Molecular Science, Susanna did doctoral studies in the field of Molecular Life Science. She investigated the interaction of plant viruses with different biochemical systems of plants, which are manipulated by the plant viruses to suppress the plant immune system. In connection with this research, Susanna spent some time abroad at the Greehey Distinguished Chair in Targeted Molecular Therapeutics at the UT Health San Antonio, Texas, USA and at the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology in Shanghai, China.

After focussing on Molecular Life Science in her dissertation, she has gone back to her roots in HGF's chemistry group in Munich.

Herein, she is working in the field of material science, inorganic chemistry and metallurgy.

After her trainee patent attorney program her individual cross-disciplinary knowledge in science will make her an especially qualified patent attorney.


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Molecular Science


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