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Richard has advised research institutions and companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to large multinationals, and in sectors including telecommunications, software, security, medical services, and financial services to name but a few. For start-ups and SMEs, Richard has helped to define and develop bespoke intellectual property strategies in order to assist clients in best practice management of their patents, trade secrets and designs.

Richard has amassed experience in handling IP matters across a wide range of technologies, although has particularly focussed on the areas of physics, electronics, and software. He has particular experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications concerning:

-Quantum technologies, including quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum algorithms and quantum metrology
-Machine learning, particularly using neural networks and/or random forests
-Blockchain technologies, including both novel blockchain architectures and novel blockchain implementations with smart contracts
-Telecommunications, including standards essential patents, user interfaces, network communications and messaging protocols
-Cryptography, including position verification protocols and public key protocols such as elliptic curve cryptography
-Medical devices, particularly in relation to blood analyte sensors and radiopharmaceutical imaging.

Richard is a true philomath, logophile and puzzle enthusiast who takes a keen interest in cutting edge technologies, particularly if there is interesting mathematics or physics behind the curtain. As such, Richard is well suited for the technical disputes and logomachies required to obtain and maintain an effective intellectual property portfolio.


  • AI
  • Scientific instruments


  • Computing icon Computing
  • Finance icon Finance
  • Medical devices icon Medical devices
  • Telecommunications icon Telecommunications


  • Designs & design rights
  • Due diligence
  • Patents
  • Portfolio management
  • Searching & competitor monitoring
  • Strategy


Patent Attorney

Chartered (UK)


Natural Sciences (Physics, Mathematics, Philosophy), Durham University, 2008


Theoretical Physics, University of St Andrews, 2012


Blockchain and counterfeit goods

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