Women in the STEM industries remain an underrepresented group, as such HGF has recognised the importance of peer support amongst women in STEM.  HGF has launched ‘Women in STEM’, which offers a valuable support network to women across the STEM industries.   

For businesses in the STEM industries it is vital to stay on top of developments in an ever-changing environment.  It is also very important to protect and enforce Intellectual property arising from innovation in the STEM industries.  Having access to a network of like-minded individuals, topical advice and resources is crucial to meeting these challenges.  

Our events are designed to deliver key news, legal updates and practical advice relating to IP and the latest developments in the STEM industries, as well as offering you the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with your peers.

The HGF Women in STEM team comprises of our solicitors and patent attorneys who all have backgrounds encompassing Chemistry, Engineering, Electronics and Life Sciences.  HGF’s extensive portfolio includes work with the world's biggest corporations, the most prestigious educational institutions and Nobel prize-winning innovators, meaning we have experts working for us with a wealth of knowledge and insight to share, with an understanding of the demands facing women working in the STEM industries. 

To contact the Women in STEM team, send an e-mail to enquiries@hgf.com for more information and advice.