The packaging field covers a wide range of technologies, which come together to achieve a common goal: to enable products to reach their point of use as conveniently and securely as possible without damage or contamination, while providing the best possible consumer experience. 

HGF’s team of packaging specialists offer expert intellectual property advice, with a diverse range of experience and technical knowledge within the sector. Working together as an integrated team of patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors, HGF offers unrivalled expertise in the packaging sector. Our packaging team understand that the relative importance of each function depends largely on the nature of the product inside the package and the motivations and expectations of the target consumer. 

HGF have a commercial approach to intellectual property management allowing us to provide advice that will deliver a client’s business strategy and objectives. The tension between function and cost is more acute in packaging than in most, perhaps all, other fields. In many cases, seemingly minor changes to packaging design, processes and equipment can have a substantial impact. Whether such a change results in a small reduction in packaging material, consumables or cycle time, or a slight improvement to reliability, flexibility or footprint, the cumulative benefits can be enormous to your businesses success.

Our IP professionals offer a full range of intellectual property services across packaging including:

  • Strategy development
  • Patent, design and trade mark filing
  • Prosecution and enforcement
  • Oppositions and appeals
  • Due diligence
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts
  • Agreements
  • Dispute resolution

Consumer experience is often the result of a complex entanglement of branding, appearance and function. The role of each of these consumer-facing aspects can vary widely, so there is no single best approach to protecting them. The key to developing the most appropriate strategy for protection is to understand the commercial value that each of these factors provides and to secure protection which is commensurate with this value. No two businesses are the same. That is why we invest our time in the early stages of any client relationship to understand the business, the market and the competitive landscape in which the company operates. Securing a monopoly for improvements can provide your business with a significant competitive advantage, with the additional bonus of a reduction in tax through the Patent Box regime for UK companies. We use this knowledge to advise each business on the most appropriate strategies for protecting the intellectual property it owns and develops, and for identifying and mitigating conflicts with competitors. We tailor bespoke teams to provide clients with the right mix of technical knowledge and expertise.

Our team

Our packaging team has a wealth of commercial experience in this field, with several attorneys having held industry positions focused on primary and secondary packaging of beverage, tobacco, medical and consumer products. Whether the focus is on consumer experience and creating an emotional connection with the product or striking a balance between function and cost, we can help you secure the most appropriate protection to retain your commercial advantage.

Our collective knowledge and experience is unrivalled in the intellectual property field; we understand the unique market drivers that set packaging companies apart from those in any other industry. Our team-based approach ensures that clients benefit from the very best strategic advice from people who understand not only the legal environment, but also the practical side of their business.

Our clients

Our clients range from small businesses and universities to corporations with extensive intellectual property portfolios. We're dedicated to finding the right IP solution for each one, in all areas of packaging, using our own expertise and experience. Find out more about our experience in the packaging industry below, or alternatively contact, who will be happy to provide more information about specific cases.

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